MOJOVA-training process

  • Mapping the situation and setting up goals
  • Mapping own resources, workgroup resources
    and know-how requirements
  • Self-awareness exercise about temperaments
    with 360º feedback
  • Diversity in the workgroups
  • Behavior and challenges in diverse workgroups
  • Personal development plan
  • Styles of handling interpersonal conflicts
    with 360º feedback
  • Provoking own and workgroups innovation
  • Means to make the most of and develop human resources
    - Encouraging development discussions
    - Work orientation
    - Conflict management
  • Mapping and evaluating the situation in the
    workgroup and the goals
  • Rules for cooperation and interaction
    - Interaction skills
    - Talking about difficult matters and solving problems
  • Checking the realization of personal development plan and plans for further development of oneself and the workgroup

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